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What are Supplements?

Protein, Vitamins, and Energy… Oh My!

Supplements are for everyone. Sure, bodybuilders use them but you should too. They’re not just for the men looking to bulk up or the athletes getting ready to compete. They are an essential part of any health and fitness program. Supplements are anything that you consume that either completes or adds to the nutrients that you get from food. These include vitamins, protein powders, meal replacements, and performance enhancement, such as caffeine.

According to dotFIT, the leader in evidence-based nutrition and fitness programming, “The function of dietary supplement preparations is to provide a safe vehicle for delivering precise amounts of desired isolated nutrients and compounds in a low to no calorie form with the purpose of complementing the diet in order to enhance health, sport and fitness goals, i.e. dietary support.”

Supplements Fill in the Gaps in Your Nutrition

It is very difficult and impractical to get all of the nutrients that you need in the quantities that you need them from food alone, especially when consuming a calorie deficit. We live in a real world. You wake up, take the kids to school, go to work, get the kids to their activities, cook dinner, and somewhere in there you have to get ALL the nutrients that you need. That’s tough! This is where supplements come in. They help you fill in the gaps in your nutrition that you aren’t getting from food. For example, when you aren’t getting enough protein, you can boost it with a protein shake.

Supplements are Essential

Supplements are an essential part of any fitness and nutrition program. They provide the body with adequate amounts of essential nutrients which ensures that there aren’t any gaps in your nutrition that would stop you from getting to your goal. The last thing you want is to feel too tired or fatigued to make it to the gym. Supplements can help with this. 

Supplements are Unregulated

The FDA doesn’t have to regulate supplements because they don’t qualify as a drug or food product. Yeah, scary, right? It’s up to the company to be honest about their ingredients and, unfortunately, a large majority of companies are not. This is why it is so important to choose supplements from a company that has all of their products tested by a 3rd party. Our particular favorite is dotFIT because they actually are FDA approved and 3rd party tested. If you’re going to be paying for supplements, you might as well pay for something that you know will work without putting unknown chemicals in your body.

The Big Picture

Supplements don’t have to be scary or overwhelming. It isn’t just something that bodybuilders take. Supplements are for everyone because they are a great tool to get all of the essential nutrients that your body needs and isn’t getting from food alone. Through supplements, you can take your fitness program to the next level!



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