Wednesday, 17 August 2016

7 Benefits of Wearing an Activity Tracker

The Fashionable Fitness Tool

Activity trackers are an excellent addition that will make your fitness journey easier. We prefer trackers that you can wear on your wrist, such as the Fitbit or Apple watch. Here are seven benefits to wearing an activity tracker:

1. Knowledge is Power

Knowing where you are gives you the power to make changes. You may be surprised how sedentary you actually are because It is common to overestimate the amount that you move. When you know how much you are moving throughout the day, then you know what needs to change.

2. Guidance For Changing Movement Habits

Once you know where you stand, you can start making the necessary changes to increase your activity level. So you don’t move nearly as much as you thought you did? That’s okay because the first step to change is making a change. Set your initial step goal to be a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and keep increasing it from there. Remember, moving continuously throughout the day will help you burn more calories!

3. Calorie Burn Estimate

Speaking of calories, weight loss comes down to eating less calories than you’re burning. The very first thing you need to know in order to lose weight is how many calories you are burning. An activity tracker can provide this piece of the puzzle. By knowing how many calories you are burning, you can plan your calorie intake as well as monitor and increase your calorie burn.

4. Personal Accountability

Excuses don’t burn calories and an activity tracker will help you to keep track of whether you FEEL like you’ve been active or if you are actually being active. It will always be honest with you which will help you succeed.

5. Accountability with Friends

Fitbit and other trackers have the ability to add friends and even create daily, weekly, and weekend step challenges. Friendly competition can go a long way in motivating you to get to your goal because your peers will help encourage you. 

6. Reminders to Move

It’s like your own mini personal trainer. You can set the tracker to give you a buzz when you haven’t met your step goal for that hour. It’s a great reminder to get up and go on a quick walk. Remaining active throughout the day will greatly increase your daily calorie burn.

7. Sleep Tracker

Do you feel tired? Maybe you aren’t actually sleeping enough. Many of us will lay in bed for hours without actually getting any sleep. An activity tracker will tell you whether the zzz’s you are catching are actual sleep or a restless night.

Your New Best Friend

Now you know, activity trackers make getting to your goal much easier. They help you know where you stand and keep you accountable with yourself and your friends.


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