Wednesday, 31 August 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Supplements

Your Fitness and Nutrition Secret Weapon

Supplements are an essential part of any fitness and nutrition program. They are for everyone, not just bodybuilders. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, or just improve your overall health, supplements will help you get there. They are the vitamins, protein powders, and energy boosts that you take throughout the day. Here are five reasons why you should be taking supplements:

1. To Fill in Gaps in Your Nutrition

Supplements are designed to fill in gaps in your nutrition. We live busy lives. Between work and home, spare time is a rare treat. It is difficult to get all of the nutrients that you need from food alone without eating too many calories. Like most people, you are probably not eating enough protein and not receiving the necessary amount of every vitamin, every day. Your body needs each and every nutrient for a reason and supplements will help you get there.

2. To Maximize Your Potential

Supplements will help improve your overall health, as well as give you the energy to take the steps that will lead to a lasting lifestyle change. Think of your favorite professional athlete. They didn’t get there by chance. They worked hard and part of that work was making sure that they provided for their bodies. By giving your body all of the nutrients that it needs, in the quantity that it needs, you are giving your body the tools for success.

3. To Lose Body Fat Instead of Muscle

If you aren’t getting enough protein, your body will struggle to build and maintain muscle. Do you ever feel like you just can’t lose the body fat even though the number on the scale is going down? This happens when the body isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs and uses the muscle for fuel instead of the body fat. Since body fat uses less energy, it is easier to maintain than muscle. We don’t want this to happen though. While on a calorie deficit, you want to train your body to use the stored body fat for energy. Increasing your protein intake through supplements helps your body do this.

4. To Help With Aging and Nutrient Absorption

As you age, the body becomes less efficient in processing protein and other nutrients. Your body processes a percentage of the nutrients that you take in. This means that you need to increase your intake even more so that, even when the percentage is lower, the amount that is utilized is the same. This is why, as you age, you also tend to lose muscle mass and gain more body fat. If you don’t increase your protein intake, your body will eventually lose muscle. Less muscle on your body means that you will burn less calories overall and, unless you lower your calorie intake, you will most likely gain body fat.

5. To Boost Your Energy

We’ve all had those days where we were just too tired to go to the gym and it is too easy for one day to turn into one week. Supplements give you the energy to keep up your momentum when motivation is fleeting.

There You Have It!

Supplements exist to help you get to your goal. They are your secret weapon to help you fill in the gaps in your nutrition, as well as, help your body function at it’s highest potential. Talk to one of our trainers about which supplements are right for you today!




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