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Carbohydrates Don’t Make You Fat

Nope, Carbohydrates Don’t Make You Fat

I repeat, carbohydrates are not the reason why you gained weight. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s a lie. People that have cut down on carbs have lost weight.” Yes, but it isn’t because they ate less carbohydrates. They lost weight because, by lowering their carbohydrate intake, they inherently lowered their calorie intake. Think about it. If you switch out the big spaghetti dinner for a lean chicken breast, you are also cutting back on the number of calories that you are eating.

Follow Science, Not Fad

Diet plans have thrived off of telling people that all they would have to do is cut out carbohydrates. You have to remember that this isn’t science. It’s just a fad that picked up traction over the years because people wanted something to blame for their weight gain. You didn’t gain weight because you were eating the pasta. You gained weight because you were eating too many calories in pasta.

Why This Myth Exists

The carbohydrates that people often blame for weight gain are pasta, bread, rice, and sweets. These foods are all more calorie dense. One cup of spaghetti can have around 200 calories and, let’s be honest, who just eats one cup of spaghetti?

Did you know that the lowest calorie pasta at The Cheesecake Factory, excluding their Skinnylicious menu, is 1,220 calories? For an average female, that’s over half of our calories for the day and we haven’t even gotten to dessert. I love pasta as much as the next person but it is difficult to maintain or lose weight while consuming these higher calorie foods. This is where the myth of carbohydrates and weight gain comes from. People were eating too much of these foods and blaming it on the food instead of owning up to how much they were eating.

Carbohydrates Are Not Just Pastas and Breads

Speaking of which, when I hear people say that they “don’t eat carbs”, I can’t decide if I should cringe or be super impressed with how they manage not to eat any carbs. What they typically mean is that they don’t eat bread, pasta, or rice. This is a very common misconception. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you eat fruits and vegetables, you are eating carbohydrates. Not only would it be incredibly unhealthy, but it is practically impossible to not eat ANY carbohydrates. This only further demonstrates that carbohydrates don’t make you fat. You never hear people say that it was the apple that made them gain weight.

Now you know, eating carbohydrates will not make you fat. The only way you can gain weight is if you are eating too many CALORIES. This myth of the media doesn’t need to hold any weight in your mind. Eat the rice, eat the bread, just keep your calories in line and you will be fine.


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