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Why Should I Do Cardio?

All About Cardio

We have heard of the many benefits of exercise but what benefits will we receive when doing cardiovascular exercise? Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that involves your circulatory system and increases your heart rate to pump blood throughout the body. Aerobic exercise, or Cardio, is a popular form of exercise amongst many people.

How much Cardio you should do

It ranges anywhere between low to high intensity. Intensity for each person is measured by determining the MHR (Maximal Heart Rate). MHR = 220 – Your Age. Low to Moderate Intensity is 50 – 70 % and High Intensity is 70 – 85%. Max intensity should be 85% of your MHR. Aerobic exercise includes running, biking, dancing, tennis, and even some form of resistance training, such as in a circuit.

Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise helps a person lose weight! It helps a person lose weight by burning off calories from the movements from doing the exercises. Typically the more muscles used during aerobic exercise the more calories that a person will burn. Simple as that! It has been thought that low to moderate intensity training is the way to go to burn more fat at a higher percentage. However as far as total calories higher intensity is the way to go as long as there is oxygen and doesn’t become too anaerobic (using no oxygen).

Heart Health

Most believe that Aerobic exercise is good for weight loss, which it is, but it provides more benefit than losing weight. Aerobic exercise also works out your heart! Your heart is a muscle and if you make it pump blood due to exercise it will get stronger. Working out your heart is important as a healthy heart will go a long way in reducing future cardiovascular issues.

Makes you feel good!

Aerobic exercise leads to the release of hormones especially endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones that many hear about. Another hormone that increases after aerobic exercise is Growth Hormone, which regulates body composition, muscle/bone growth, and sugar/fat metabolism. Growth Hormone decreases in the body as you age.

Faster Recovery

Soreness after you are done with a workout is always the one thing that most people dread. Soreness is no fun but fear not my friends! While getting rid of soreness completely is not physiologically possible aerobic exercise makes recovery after a workout easier. Aerobic exercise after a workout decreases the time of lactic acid build up post workout from 2~ hours to roughly half that time. Aerobic exercise also allows the body to pump more nutrients to the muscle. This in turn allows a decrease in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that occurs due to muscle damage from exercising.

Yes to Cardio!

Aerobic exercise should be an important part of any workout routine. It has many benefits and has many different forms. Having a variety of different cardio workouts is beneficial in your quest to achieve your health goals. Choosing which ones work for you also make Cardio training more fun and interesting!




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