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Protein 101 – How Much Protein Should I Eat?

Every Body Is Different

What amount is good for me, you ask? Well Protein is great for you and helps your body repair and build tissues and structures throughout your body. We definitely do not always get the daily requirement that is needed. It is super necessary that we do get the right amount of Protein for our body type. But how much protein do we truly need for our body types? It’s tiring not knowing what the proper amount is specifically beneficial for you.

Why Do I Need Protein?

Well, we definitely need protein to help take care of those tissues and structures throughout our body. Without protein, those tissues and structures would not be able to function properly. And no one wants their body to not function properly, right? Proteins are made up of different kinds of amino acids. Those amino acids are broken down and used for adding to tissue when needed for an energy source or used to replace and repair damaged tissue.

The Right Amount For Me

There are different factors that relate to how much protein someone should intake daily. Protein is actually more necessary to obtain as you age. It is recommended that protein should range from 10 to 35% of total caloric intake. This range still allows for different goals to be achieved. So whether your goal is to take in the normal daily amount of protein necessary to aid in satiety (the feeling of fullness) or your goal is to utilize protein percentages for performance.

Recommended Protein Intakes
Activity Level –  Grams of Protein per kg Body Weight per Day

Sedentary (Adult) —  0.8 (0.4 g/lb)
Strength Athletes  —  1.2 – 1.7 (0.5 – 0.8 g/lb)
Endurance Athletes  —  1.2 – 1.4 (0.5 – 0.6 g/lb)

Factors Affecting Protein Requirements 

The amount of exercise, body-composition or sports-performance goals, and the amount of calories consumed all have an affect on how much money protein should be obtained. Exercise contributes to the amount of protein that we need because it increases the oxidation of amino acids and also the turnover rate of protein in lean body mass during recovery. So this just means that our body is in need of protein because it helps repair the damaged tissues and structures used during increased activity. Goals have an affect on the amount of protein consumed because it changes the percentages that is paired with Caloric Intake. While consuming a smaller amount of calories throughout the day, protein will automatically provide the missing energy that is normally satisfied by carbohydrate and fats.

So…not only is protein super beneficial for your body, but it helps you feel full throughout the day. And no one wants to feel hungry, right? Regardless if you are super active or like to go on an occasional hike, protein should play an important role in your diet.


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